APW 60S weight sensing device

Product information "APW 60S weight sensing device"
Weight sensing device for trimming presses
Model APW 60S
Technical Data  
Drive of weighing plate electro-pneumatical
Control system microcomputer
Time of scale 0,2 s
Weighing cycle 3,5 s
Measuring range 100 - 10000 grams
Smallest detectable weight tolerance 10 g (1% of FS weight)
Dimension of weight sensing device 650 x 420 x 215 mm
Dimension of weighing plate  special plates in different sizes
Recomended for trimming presses from 20 to 80t press force
Dimension of operation panel 360 x 120x 180 mm
Power supply 115 / 230 VAC 0,15 / 0,3 A
Plug connection Hartin plug, HAN-E, 6-pole
Connection cable 5m (standard)
System pressure for weighing plate 6 bar max.


Setup via keyboard. Display indicates part weight in grams,  tolerances in grams or % of total weight and error messages. Digital automatic Zero compensation after each weighing cycle. Relay outputs. Weighing plate stainless steel with flap.


 Serial interface for PC, printer, etc.


  • trimming tool protection
  • Aluminium die casting
  • manufactoring reports
  • quality control


  • very fast weighing process
  • user-friendly scale
  • robust construction
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