Lac KNC/V 270/65 vertical chamber furnace O1725, used

Product information "Lac KNC/V 270/65 vertical chamber furnace O1725, used"
Chamber furnace  
Manufacturer LAC
Model KNC/V 270/65
Design vertical chamber
Heating electrical
Year of Manufacture 2015
Technical data  
Tmax 650 °C
Recommended operating temperature rangeC 300-600 °C
Volume 270 l
External dimensions (w × h × d) 1600×1250×2500 mm
Internal dimensions (w × h × d) 700×650×600 mm
Input 18 kW
Weight 800 kg
Protection 50/3
Max. load capacity of bottom 400 kg
Delivery time immediatley
Price on request
Üretim yılı: 2015
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