Meltec MDF-200C Dosing Furnace O1676, used

Product information "Meltec MDF-200C Dosing Furnace O1676, used"
Furnace Dosing furnace
Manufacturer Meltec
Model MDF-200C
Year of manufacture 2010
Comment for magnesium alloys
Technical data  
Control system  
Heating electrical
Capacity 560 kg Mg
Melting capacity 200 kg Mg/hr
Electriacal capacity 76.5 kW


Mg-Ingot Preheater  
Manufacturer Meltec
Model IPC 200
Year of manufacture 2010
Shielding gas mixer  
Shielding gas GM100-SF6 / R134A
Year of manufacture  


Delivery time immediately
Price on request
Üretim yılı: 2010