Haulick RVD 125-1180 NS Delme presi PR2487, kullanılmış

Product information "Haulick RVD 125-1180 NS Delme presi PR2487, kullanılmış"
Punching press  
Manufacturer Haulick
Year of manufacture 1980
Last revision  

Technical Data

Press design  
Number of suspensions 2
Number of slide actions 1
feedstock transport direction left to right
Force 1600 kN
Table surface (left-right) 1500 mm
Table surface (front-back) 1200 mm
Thickness of bolster plate 240 mm
Opening in bed (left-right) 1300 mm
Opening in bed (front-back) 300 mm
Number of T-slots 8
Slide force 1600 kN
Table surface (left-right) 1550 mm
Table surface (front-back) 1200 mm
Stroke 120 mm
Stroke rate max. 150 /min
Slide adjustment 150 mm
Stroke rate min, 15 /min
Stroke rate max. 150 /min
Tool assembly dimensions  
Shut height (stroke down, adjustment up) BDC 470 mm
Distance between columns (H-frame) 1600 mm
Passline opening (free passage in side columns) 700 mm
Free passe between side columns (height) 700 mm


Manufacturer Schleicher
Year of manufacture 1974

Technical Data

Coil weight max. max 5 t
sheet width max. 650 mm
Diameter of coil max. 1500 mm
Mandrel expansion range 450 - 520 mm
Leveller unit  
sheet thickness 0.5 ÷ 2.5 mm
Number of leveller rolls 6
Number of infeed/outfeed rolls 2
Feed velocity 6 - 30 m/min
Loop controls yes
Feeding step max 9999.9 mm
Pilot release system yes
Total height 4500 mm
Weight 26 t
Delivery time immediately
Price on request
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Üretim yılı: 1993