Schuler SHC-2500-5.0x2.5 Spotting try out press PR2489, used

Product information "Schuler SHC-2500-5.0x2.5 Spotting try out press PR2489, used"
Spotting try out press  
Manufacturer Schuler
Model SHC-2500-5.0x2.5
spotting force 2500 to
Year of manufacture 2014
Facility data  
Place requirement  
Foundation depth (table flureben) 5,000 mm
Press weight with tooling and Ölfülling ~540 to
Foundation load  
Static load 274 N/cm²
Static & Dynamic load 345 N/cm² 
Energy demand  

Power consumption (without taking into account power factor correction)

~1,100 kVA
Apparent power ~830 kVA
Reactive power ~360kVA 
Average energy consumption
(under production conditions, i.e. In continuous press operation)
400V 3/PE 50Hz 
Operating voltage 24VDC
Control voltage 230V AC 50Hz 
Voltage for lighting 230V AC 50Hz 
Allowable voltage fluctuations +/-10  %
Compressed air  
Low pressure network, minimum pressure 5 bar
Ölquantity  ~11,000 l
Kühl water
Kühl water requirement
(under production conditions, i.e. in the continuous run of the press)
approx.14 m3/h
Water inlet temperature max. 25 °C
Water outlet temperature approx.35  °C
Pressure difference ca. 2.5  bar
Technical data press  
Type SHC-2500-5.0x2.5
Number 1
Pressing rod  
Pullingö&stroke;el force 3,750 - 25,000 kN
Gross pullback force approx. 1,750 kN
Draw ram stroke 1.700 mm
Drawing height (width x depth) 5,000 X 2,500 mm
Number of cylinders 3 pcs
Tool installation space  
Distance table stö&aerospace;el OT 2,300 mm
Distance table-stö&aerospace;el UT 600 mm
Table clamping area (width x depth) 5,000 X 2,500 mm
T-slot pitch 300 mm
Öffnung zwischen den Führungen 5,040 mm
Press static  
Allowable deflection at 2/3 surface load, related to the table length (l. - r.)  
Table top max. 0, 125 mm/m
Stö&Area;el max. 0, 125 mm/m
Length of drawing rod, approx. 2,500 mm
Max. external moment  
Left - Right 1.870 kNm
Front - Rear 935 kNm
Hydraulic 8-point table cushion  
Displacement force 900-6,000 kN
Number of separately adjustable pressure points 8 pcs
Ejector force (net, fixed) 500 kN
Table cushion stroke total 380 mm
Table cushion useful stroke 350 mm
Table cushion area (width x depth) (referred to centre of first rows of push pins) 4,200 X 2,100 mm
Ejector speed 100 mm/s
Pen matrix 29 X 15  pcs
Printing pin pitch 150 mm
Pin diameter 45 mm
Hydraulic cushion in the rod  
Displacement force 450- 3,000  kN
Ejector force (not adjustable) 200 kN
Cushion stroke max 200 mm
Cushion area (width x depth)
{referring to middle äußfirst pressure pin rows)
4,200 X 2,100 mm
Return speed 100 mm/s
Pen matrix 29 x 15
Printing pin pitch 150 mm
Pin diameter 45 mm
Mechanical stroke limitation  
Number of spindles 2 pcs
Position of the spindles Page spindles 
Stroke limiting force max 7,500 kN
Spindle adjustment range 850 mm
Effective range over table 600 - 1,450 mm
Tool clamp on stand  
Number 12 pcs
Type Insertion clamp
Tensioning force Each 100  kN
Stroke 12 mm
Drive table  
Number of driving tables 1 pc
Direction of extension to the front
Travel distance from the press 3,500 mm
Travel speed (rapid/creep speed) 15/2 m/min
Max. Tool weight 60 t
Max. Weight upper tool 30 t
Connections for tools  
Position Pages
• Compressed air controlled 2x½" Piece
• Compressed air uncontrolled 2x½" Stück
• hydraulics controlled 4 x pcs
Hydraulic pressure ND 3 x 50 bar
Hydraulic pressure HD 1 x 300 bar
Ölvolume 30 l/min
Nominal size G½" 
• WZ- control 1 x H AN 24 pcs
• Sockets - 230 V / 16A 2 pcs
• Sockets - 400 V / 16A 1 pc 
• Sockets - 400 V / 32A 1 pcück 
Rapid lowering speed 400  mm/s
Rail return speed Stößel 400  mm/s
Working speed V1 max. up to max. ~3,900kN 265  mm/s 
V2 max. up to max. -6600kN 132  mm/s 
V3 max up to max -9.3 00kN 88  mm/s 
V at nominal force (25.000 kN) 36  mm/s 
Main drive  
Motor power for main pumps 3 x200  kW
Total installed power approx. approx. 720  kW
Pump flow max. 3 X 1,400  l/min
Maximum hydraulic system pressure 310 bar
Press main dimensions  
Press height over corridor  < 9,500  mm
Press width at corridor level, approx. 7 .000  mm
Press width at headboard level, approx. 8,800  mm 
Press depth at corridor level, approx. 3,500  mm
Press depth at header level, approx. 5,200  mm
High fixture area above corridor 500  mm
Delivery time immediately
Price on request
[ton] cinsinden kuvvet: 2500
Üretim yılı: 2015