Zimmermann FZ 42 CNC portal milling machine BA2342, used

Product information "Zimmermann FZ 42 CNC portal milling machine BA2342, used"
Machining center CNC portal milling machine
Manufacturer Zimmerman
model FZ 42 CNC
Year of construction 2012
operating hours
Control Control Siemens 840D PL
Application example machining of aluminium castings
Technical data  
basic machine  
space requirement  
lengths 128000 mm
width 12000 mm
high 12200 mm
machine with control cabinet 149 t
Length of movement (X-axis) 12500 mm
Vertical slide transverse movement (Y-axis) 5000  mm
Vertical slide vertical movement (Z axis) 3500  mm
Crossbars light Höhe 6380  mm
feed rate  
Maximum feed speed  
X-axis 50 m/min 
Y-axis  60 m/min
Z-axis 50 m/min
Reduced feed speed   
Example: Setup mode 2 m/min
operating mode 3 5 m/min
Maximum acceleration  3 m/s²
nominal power of the feed motors   
X-axis 2x per side  22 kW
Y axis 2X 12.7 kW
Z-axis example 21.2 kW
Accuracies of the linear axes, for example  
Positioning accuracy:  
X-axis  0,05 mm±
Y, Z axis 0.02 mm±
repeat accuracy   
X-axis 0.025 mm±
Y,Z-axis 0.01 mm±
Electrical connection  
operating voltage 400  V
Frequency  50 Hz
Nominal power  210 kVA
rated current  305  A
Backup fuse (on site)  315  A
Control voltage 24  V
Compressed air (class 4 according to DIN-ISO-8573-1)  
Maximum particle size in the air, for example 15  µm
particle density of solids  max. 8 mg/m³
Oil Concentration max. 5 mg/m³
pressure dew point  max. +3 °C
connection at least 6  bar
Noise at work in idle mode 80 db(A)
delivery time immediately
Price on request

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Üretim yılı: 2012