ZPF THERM SP-G0.5 T5 HTH chip melting furnace O1746, used

Product information "ZPF THERM SP-G0.5 T5 HTH chip melting furnace O1746, used"
Chip melting furnace  
Manufacturer ZPF THERM
Model SP-G0.5 T5 HTH
Capacity 5000 kg Aluminum alloy
Melting capacity 1000 kg/h
Year of Manufacture 2008
Technical Details  
Clear tank dimensions 1400 mm Width
2100 mm Length
600 mm Depth
Space requirement 3800 mm Width
5750 mm Length
4450 mm Height
Tilting height 1400 mm
Transport crucible height at maximum tilt position 1300 mm
Maximal melting capacity (chips dry and clean) approx. 500 kg Aluminum alloy/h
Practical melting capacity approx. 400 kg Aluminum alloy/h
Burner Industrial burner BIO 165, 60 -630 kWh
Gas flow pressure upstream of gas control line 100 m bar
Gas flow rate 70 m³
Heating natural gas, Hu 10 kWh/Nm
Total energy consumption for melting
and heating dry and clean chips
Heat melt to 720 °C and keep warm
approx. 700 kWh/1000 kg Aluminum alloy / h
Total energy consumption for melting
and heating of preheated (200 °C), dry and clean chips

Heating the melt to 720 °C and keeping it warm
approx. 650 kWh/1000 kg Aluminum alloy / h
Energy consumption when production is at rest,
Keeping the melt at 720 °C with a full furnace
approx. 60 kWh
Melting temperature 720 – 780 °C possible
Burning off with chips approx. 4%
Burn-off with preheated, dry and clean chips under 2 %
Melt removal Tilting of the furnace by cylinder with hydraulic aggravator
Gear motor (2 pieces) 2 x 2.2 kW
Agitator speed approx. 80 U/min
Diameter of stirrer 350 mm
Heating gas blower RG-30
Volume flow 30 m³/min
Flue gas blower capacity 2.6 kW
Power hydraulic unit 7.5 kW
Electrical connected load 17 kW
Voltage 230/400 Volt, 50 Hz
Weight approx. 25 000 kg
Delivery time September 2021
Price on request
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Üretim yılı: 2008