Bühler Evolution B 140 D İkinci el soğuk kamaralı basınçlı döküm makineleri, KK1580

Product information "Bühler Evolution B 140 D İkinci el soğuk kamaralı basınçlı döküm makineleri, KK1580"
Die Casting Machine  
Manufacturer Bühler
Model Evolution B 140 D
Locking Force 14000 kN
Year of Manufacture 2002
Control system DataNet
Comments for aluminium die casting


Furnace available  
Manufacturer StrikoWestofen
Model W 1200 SL ProDos 
Year 2002
Heating electrical
Extractor Unit available
Manufacturer Fanuc
Model R-2000i 165 F
Year 2002
Spraying machine available
Manufacturer Wollin
Model  PSM336
Year 2002
Trimming press robot available  
Manufacturer FANUC
Model R-2000i 165F
Year 2002
Trimming press available
Manufacturer Tecnopres
Model KZP-40CN
Year 2002
Temperature control unit available
Manufacturer ToolTemp
Model TT380
Year 2002
Delivery time immediately
Price on request
Reconditioning: Coldchamber
[ton] cinsinden kuvvet: 1400
Üretim yılı: 2002
APW 60S weight sensing device
Weight sensing device for trimming presses Model APW 60S Technical Data   Drive of weighing plate electro-pneumatical Control system microcomputer Time of scale 0,2 s Weighing cycle 3,5 s Measuring range 100 - 10000 grams Smallest detectable weight tolerance 10 g (1% of FS weight) Dimension of weight sensing device 650 x 420 x 215 mm Dimension of weighing plate  special plates in different sizes Recomended for trimming presses from 20 to 80t press force Dimension of operation panel 360 x 120x 180 mm Power supply 115 / 230 VAC 0,15 / 0,3 A Plug connection Hartin plug, HAN-E, 6-pole Connection cable 5m (standard) System pressure for weighing plate 6 bar max. Description Setup via keyboard. Display indicates part weight in grams,  tolerances in grams or % of total weight and error messages. Digital automatic Zero compensation after each weighing cycle. Relay outputs. Weighing plate stainless steel with flap. Option  Serial interface for PC, printer, etc. Applications trimming tool protection Aluminium die casting manufactoring reports quality control Advantages very fast weighing process user-friendly scale robust construction Delivery time on request Price on request  Subject to alterations.