Frech DAK 1100-112 Soğuk kamaralı basınçlı döküm makinesi KK1548

Product information "Frech DAK 1100-112 Soğuk kamaralı basınçlı döküm makinesi KK1548"
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Fabricante Frech
Modelo DAK 1100-112
Força de Bloqueio 12100 kN
Sistema de controle Diálogo de Dados 2
Ano de fabrico 2010
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Fornalha disponível
Fabricante StrikoWestofen
Modelo W 1200
Capacidade 1200 kg
Ano 2010
Sistema de controle ProDos
Aquecimento elétrico
Máquina de Pulverização disponível
Fabricante Frech
Modelo Spraymotion 2
Ano 2010
Unidade extrator disponível
Fabricante Kuka
Modelo KR 60
Sistema de controle
Ano 2010
Exaustão disponível
Fabricante Keller
Ano 2010
Unidade de controlo de temperatura disponível
Fabricante Robamat
Modelo 5212
Ano 2010
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Reconditioning: Coldchamber
[ton] cinsinden kuvvet: 1100
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Üretim yılı: 2010
SDM 4000 RS-4 Tie Bar Measuring System Wireless
Tie Bar Measuring System   Model SDM 4000 RS-4 Scale of delivery   4 RS-measuring amplifier for battery mode BTRS1 1 battery charger for RS-measuring amplifier   1 charging cable 4-fold   1 Netbook incl. charger   1 measuring-software   1 USB Memory Stick 4 GB   1 measuring case   1 manual PDF-File on memory stick Description RS-measuring amplifier BTRS1 The RS measuring amplifier is placed on the machine tie bar and pressed onto the tie bar surface by means of 2 magnets. When the machine is closed, the resulting strain (change in length) of the tie bar is measured by the built-in strain gauge sensor and the strain measurements are sent to the netbook via the integrated radio module of the RS measuring amplifier. The RS amplifier has a built-in lithium battery with large capacity and charging electronics.   Measuring software The measuring software uses these values to calculate the load on the individual tie bars and the total closing force of the machine. These values are shown on the netbook display and are also stored in a measurement protocol which contains the date, time of measurement, machine number and mould number. The measurement reports are in EXEL format and can be easily further processed. A graphical measurement diagram is also generated, which can also be saved on a USB stick.   Netbook 11,6“ Netbook, LINUX operating system.   Application Measuring the strain of tie bars and calculating the locking force of die casting machines and injection moulding machines.   Advantages: Reducing of tie bar breaks Control of the evenly distributed tie bar strain Consistend touching of ejector die and cover Consistend touching of ejector die and cover Reduction of flash Optimization of strain in the locking unit Wireless transfer (Bluetooth) Compact construction For all tie bar diameters (from 30mm) Also for rough tie bar surfaces High resolution 1 µm Full scale 0.5 mm   Delivery time on request Price on request