SKODA FCW 150 panel boring machine BA2344, used

Product information "SKODA FCW 150 panel boring machine BA2344, used"
Machining center plate boring mill
Manufacturer SKODA
model FCW 150
year of construction 2012
operating hours
Control Control Siemens 840D PL
Application example machining of aluminium castings
Technical data  
Basic data
Average of the drilling spindle 150 mm
Average of the milling spindle under front bearings 200 mm
clamping cone 7:24 – DIN 69871 ISO 50
Transverse dimension of the ram 360 x 400 mm
Centering cut on the front of the milling spindle 221,44 h5 mm
Stand feed (X) 5.500 mm
spindle feed (Y) 5,000 mm
ram feed (Z)  900 mm
Width of bearing guide 1,220 mm
Wide upright guide  1140 mm
Distortion force of the clamping units  
axis X 15.000 N
axis Y 15.000 N
axis Z 15.000 N
 Y-axis 60 m/min
Z-axis 50 m/min
scope of nominal rotations  
The spindle – in 2 steps  
1st stage 1-636 1/min
2nd stage 5.5 – 3000 1/min
feed rates  
1 ÷ 10,000 mm/min  
- of the headstock (Y) 1 ÷ 15,000 mm/min
- of the Stößels (Z) 1 ÷ 15,000 mm/min
power of the main drive 60 (40) KW
Max. torque – on the milling spindle 2,200 Nm
level of acoustic pressure on the control panel  
cabin max. 80 dB (A)
total weight 39,500 kg
Fuiducial tracks  
Width over bed guides 1220 mm
Width over stand guides 1140 mm
Positioning accuracy according to VDI/DGQ 3441  
positional uncertainty 0.015/1000 P
position deviation 0.010/1000 Pa
Position spread width (average) 0.008 Ps
reversal margin (average) 0.005 U
in the modified version  
measuring systems  
(X) And (Y) Haidenhain LC 281  
(Z) Heidenhain LS 486C max. 8 mg/m³
installation data  
operating voltage (mains TN) 400/50 V/Hz
total electrical connected load at cos 0.75 160 kVA
Max. Power consumption over the duration of 5 sec 230 kVA
performance 25 KW
Max. speed 3000 min-1
Max torque 600 Nm
nominal speed 398 min-1
transmission 1:1
scope of the axis –C Nx 360°
scope of the axis –A ±100°p>
Main data of the machine  
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Üretim yılı: 2012