Umaro SC53CC Carousel lathe BA2345, used

Product information "Umaro SC53CC Carousel lathe BA2345, used"
Machining center Carousel lathle
Manufacturer Umaro
model SC53CC
year of construction  
operating hours
Application example  
Technical data  
Work performance
Max. diameter of the workpiece to be machined 5300 mm
Max. Height under the crossbarmm 1820 mm
Max. load on the disc cuck  18000 daN
Diameter of the disc cuck 4000 mm
Max. adjustment 1800 mm

Adjustment speed - 

Adjustment speed - 

- 60Hzmm/min360

Electric motor power for the adjustment

15 kW

Electric motor speed - 50HzU/min750
Electric motor speed  

- 60HzU/min900

Altitude Support  
Max. adjustment of the height support right 2900 mm
Max. adjustment of the height support left 2900 mm
Max. adjustment of the height support slide right 1200 mm
Max. adjustment of the height support slide left 1200 mm
Max. Angle of inclination of the height supports ±30 Degree
Min bore diameter with normal vertical slides 280 mm
Diameter of the tool holder seat 80 H7
Quick adjustment speed -50Hzmm/Min2500
Main drive  
Electric motor power 64,5 W
Number of gear box stages 3
Main spindle speed (continuously adjustable)

90 RPM2

Number of feed box steps 16
Feed range 

0,05 - 5 mm/U

Electric motor power for quick adjustment

3 kW

Electric motor speed


Electric motor speed 60HzU/Min1800
Total installed power of the Maschine 90 kW
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Üretim yılı: 2012