Heckler-Koch BA 18 CNC Machine centre, used

Product information "Heckler-Koch BA 18 CNC Machine centre, used"
 Machine centre  
 Manufacturer  Heckler-Koch
 Model  BA 18 CNC
 Control unit  Siemens SINUMERIK 820 M
 Year of manufacture  1995
 Technical Details  
 work area  
 Travel in X  2 x 500 mm/ 1 x 1500 mm
 Travel in Y  350 mm
 Travel in Z  350 mm (420)
 clamping surface table  600 x 375 mm
 clamping surface table
 2200x 375 mm
 number of T-slots  3
 "Richtnut" centred
 14 H8
 distance of the T-slots  125 mm
 table load  max. 2 x 250 kg
 working spindle  
 Speed range, continuous  50-10.000/min
 tool holder, short taper  DIN 69871 - A40
 die clamping  hydraulisch betätigt FE=5,5KN
 spindle diameter  60 mm
 driving power 40 % ED  
 power  11 kW/1667/min
 Max. torque  63 Nm
 Higher speeds possible  15.000/min

 feed rates

 infinitely variable X, Y, Z  1-25.000/min
 Max. torque  5000 N
 tool magazine  
 capacity (expansion stage)  36
 Max. irrespective of tool diameter  63 mm/125 mm (Nachbarplatz frei)

 Max. tool length

 210 mm
 Max. tool weight  4 (8) kg
 tool change  
 average chip-to-chip time  ca. 4,8 sec.
 norm (VDI/DGQ 3441)  
 position tolerance  TP = 0,015 mm
 Repeatability  Psm = 0,003 mm
 electricity for caravans  
 operating voltage  3 x 380/220 voltage, 50 Hz
 total connected load  28kVA, 45 A
 compressed air connection  6 bar
 System incl. switchgear cabinet  ca. 6000kg
 Delivery time  immediately
 Price  on request

 Subject to alterations and prior sale.

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Üretim yılı: 1995