Reconditioning of gravity casting machines

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Reconditioning of gravity casting machine
Construction – machine frame - Repair oft he machine frame - Bearing replacement - Sandblasting and pinting   Hydraulik - Modernisaton of the hydraulic equipement (improved reliability and longer lifespan of components) - Repair and replacement of the hydraulic units (pump, pump control, filtering in the return line and secondary circuit, temperature and fluid level control) - Cylinder repair (seals, piston rod, cylinder tube) - Replacement or repair of the steel installation - Replacement of hoses - Installation of the temperature protection on the exposed hoses   Electrical equipment and control Electrical equipment: - Electric cabinet - PLC SIEMENS S7 - Electro installation on the machine - Sensors, PLC card for the temperature probes Software: - Automation of the machine – easy programming and storing of the casting programmes - Setting of casting parameters for the machine operating (melt temperature, mold temperature)   Gas Equipment - Renovation of the gas equipment for mould heating - Renovation of the existing installation from the connection from the gas network to the burners on the machine   Colling cabinets - Production of the cooling circuits for moulds cooling with air - Regulation of the flows of the cooling air   Casting machine protection fence - Manufacturing of the casting machine protecting fence according to existing guidelines - When casting with robots there will be automatic doors installed   Modernization of the hydraulic aggregate – extended lifespan - Pump - change of the position if needed - Manufacturing of the secondary filter circuit   Delivery time on request Price on request