The low-pressure casting process is predestined for the implementation of extremely high quality demands.The controlled, constant increase in pressure means that the cavity of the mould is filled leisurely. This prevents several points at once: the formation of oxide skins, the development of cold runs and the risk of air inclusions. The castings produced in the low-pressure casting process meet particularly high requirements. These castings are mainly used in the automotive sector, such as in the engine block and in the production of car wheels as well as high-quality aluminium rims. It is crucial that the alloys have high toughness or breaking strain and corrosion resistance. But other industries also like to use this casting process.

Another advantage of low-pressure casting, in contrast to gravity casting, is the reduction of material in the entire production cycle.Low-pressure casting can be expected to result in significantly lower costs for fettling, reworking and re-melting of cycle material.

Low-pressure casting is also used in other industries.

In the low-pressure casting process, the molten metal is conveyed via a riser pipe into a hollow mould (chill mould), which is placed above the melting vessel. The pressure in the sealed furnace chamber is increased, causing the melt to rise in the riser tube and fill the mould. After the casting has solidified, the pressure is lowered again and the remaining melt in the riser tube falls back into the crucible. The working pressure is a maximum of 1 bar overpressure, which is where the process gets its name: Low pressure process.

The used low-pressure casting machines we offer are in the condition described in the seller's offer. In part, the mould low-pressure casting machines are already completely automated with casting part removal devices and low-pressure casting furnace. Depending on the condition and matching your budget, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for a reconditioning or modernisation of the used machine for low-pressure casting.

In summary, we have the following highlights that a used low-pressure machine also offers:

  • Clean melt: Liquid metal is always extracted below the slag layer floating on top through the riser tube in the furnace.
  • Low-turbulence mould filling: Different pressure curves in one mould filling process
  • Best microstructural properties: Due to the high pressure feed
  • High degree of automation: Through the use of highly developed low-pressure casting equipment

The low-pressure casting process is mainly suitable for the processing of:

  • Aluminium alloys
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Brass alloys

The low-pressure casting process is used in the following industries:

Automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace, textile machinery, garden tools / forestry equipment / household appliances, sanitary fittings, valves, fittings.

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