We offer used equipment and devices for automation in hot chamber die casting: ingot charging devices of the melting and holding furnaces, pneumatic and motorized spraying devices or spraying robots, failure check weighers or removal robots or removal devices for the castings, heating and cooling devices, marking devices as well as trimming presses. Among them you will find manufacturers like Agrati, Colosio, Urpe, IDRA, Italpresse, Frech, Techmire and others.

The efficient production of high volumes makes automation in hot chamber die casting particularly attractive. The production of housing components, toys, locks and fittings for manufacturers of furniture and construction fittings, components for the automotive, power tool and electronics industries are ideally suited for fully automated production using hot chamber die casting.

There is a large number of devices and equipment available around the hot chamber die casting machine that can be expanded to a fully or partially automated casting cell. These include melting and holding furnaces, spraying devices or spraying robots, heating and cooling devices, removal robots or removal devices, deburring presses and weight sensing device.

The advantages of automation in hot chamber die casting

  • Protection of employees in critical environments
  • Continuous production without manual intervention
  • High process reliability
  • Fast production of high volumes
  • High quality castings
  • Increase of profitability
  • Full and partial automation is possible
  • Lower error rate = less scrap

Robots + man: How it works in the automated foundry

Today, robots are an important component in the complete or partial automation of hot chamber die casting. But the human component should also be kept in mind. After all, in the end it is all about the interaction and optimum interaction between man, machine and automation. Motivated and well-trained personnel is necessary to master the sometimes complex processes and dependencies of an automation system in the foundry. This is how you create the necessary acceptance among your own employees in the long term.

The following criteria should be considered when choosing the right robot for an automated foundry

  • Degree of automation: Pick & Place (removal and storage) or complex insertion and assembly technology
  • Cycle time of the application
  • Production time or quantities
  • Required payload of the handling
  • Quality of the application in terms of positioning accuracy
  • Structural restrictions: low hall height or crane above the machine

We are your experts for automation in hot chamber die casting

Are you looking for the automation of your hot chamber die-casting machine by means of individual peripheral devices or are you looking for complete automation equipment? We at Fiss Machines are the experts with comprehensive knowledge of the industry and will be happy to advise you on the appropriate automation equipment for your system and other services offered by our company. Our experience and high level of expertise distinguish us just as much as the sale of suitable peripheral machines and automation technology - whether used or new.

Trust in our over 30 years of experience and unique expertise in the casting industry. In addition to highly qualified engineers and technicians, we offer you everything from dismantling and overhauling the machine to taking over the logistics, commissioning and instruction at the new location. Let us convince you of our individual consulting and trust the experts of Fiss Machines!