Gebrauchte Warmkammer Druckießmaschinen

Hier finden Sie gebrauchte Warmkammer-Druckgießmaschinen von etablierten Herstellern wie Frech, Italpresse, IDRA, Colosio, AGRATI, URPE, Oleopress.

  • Used melting furnaces from StrikoWestofen, ZPF, Rauch, Nabertherm, Otto-Junker, STOTEK, Marconi, ...

    Melting furnaces are industrial furnaces used for melting and holding temperature. Depending on the application and the requirements for quality, service and performance, there are melting furnaces available with different designs, mechanisms and technologies used. They are used for aluminium, magnesium, brass, zinc, tin and lead alloys.

  • Used dosing furnaces for aluminium and magnesium alloys from StrikoWestofen, ZPF, Rauch, Stotek, Krown

    Used dosing furnaces are applied in the aluminium pressure die-casting and magnesium pressure die-casting for temperature holding and dosing. Advantages of our dosing furnaces are evident: High-precision dosing, low power consumption, precise temperature stability, reliable operation, minimum loss of metal and long service life.

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    Used crucible furnaces

    A crucible furnace is a melting or holding furnace in which the metal to be kept warm or melted is located in a crucible. A distinction is made here between tilting and ladle furnaces.

  • Used aluminium Recycling Furnaces

    A tilting rotary drum furnace is the heart of a modern aluminium recycling plant and is used to melt small, lumpy and contaminated aluminium scrap.

  • Used furnaces

    Furnaces for melting and holding magnesium, zinc and brass alloys


We would like to introduce used and second hand melting furnaces, holding furnaces, dosing furnaces from well-known manufacturer as Striko Westofen, ZPF, Hindenlang, Rauch, Meltec, Nabertherm, STOTEK for melting of Aluminium, Magnesium, Brass and Zinc alloys.

We would like to offer used and second hand melting furnaces, induction furnaces, crucible furnaces, rotary drum furnaces for melting and recycling of ingots, scrap material, chips and return material from well-known manufacturer as BARTZ, Alumonte, SUG, KMF, CIFE, Kuttner, Dudek, Otto Junker, Altek, Monometer, Mechatherm, SECO / Warwick, Alcutec, Jasper.

The used furnaces are offered in the same conditions as they were pitched by the seller. We can offer a partly reconditioning, general reconditioning or modernizing of the machine including individually adjusted new machine control systems.

We sell used as well as new equipment and accessories such as transport systems for molten metals, ingot conveyor belts and transport crucibles.
Additional technical information including current photos is available upon request.