Used dosing furnaces are applied in the aluminium pressure die-casting and magnesium pressure die-casting for temperature holding and dosing. Advantages of our dosing furnaces are evident: High-precision dosing, low power consumption, precise temperature stability, reliable operation, minimum loss of metal and long service life.

Modern dosing furnaces are controlled with PLC – for example, for StrikoWestofen Westomat, Foundry 4 Thermdos

Dosing devices are generally controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). This dosing furnace controller allows a specialist to use any programming to meet site requirements and individual needs. The amount of material can be precisely determined in the dosing furnace controller software. This way you can guarantee optimal meltable material feed time and short cycle times. Another advantage of used dosing furnaces with PLC is the fact that they can be fitted with the interface for remote diagnostics and reading working data. With data analysis, you can precisely match the dosing furnace to production.

If there is mould changeover during operation, you will also need to change the parameters which can be easily saved in the database for next changeover.

Used dosing furnaces for aluminium casting

In case of pressure casting and die-casting, aluminium dosing furnaces are used. Once the compressed gas has been fed to the gas-proof furnace interior, metal level increases in the vertical pipe. Before that, a specified quantity of liquid aluminium is drained from the furnace via a declined short chute into the mould. For sand casting, dosing furnaces are used in a different way. Extended and heated vertical pipe is pressed against the mould, so that the mould is filled from the bottom (low-pressure casting method).

Used dosing furnaces for magnesium casting

Melting and dosing furnace for magnesium has a dosing device with a submersible pump which is made from steel resistant to temperature changes. The role of the furnace is to hold the magnesium alloys temperature in safe and controlled conditions, and feed meltable material fully automatically into a cold-chamber pressure casting machine. Dosing pumps can work based on different principles. There are air pumps (gas pressure pumps), spiral pumps, piston pumps and centrifugal pumps. In the case of submersible pumps, it is important to keep the dosing furnace clean. Dirt impairs dosing accuracy and must be removed, which is labour intensive.

We are experts in all matters related to used dosing furnaces

We usually sell used dosing furnaces that work based on two different principles: Air casting tools (displacement by gas pressure) and foundry furnaces (emptied through the lock in the furnace bottom). All dosing furnaces employ the siphon principle, which ultimately allows for slag-free casting. No matter which one of our used dosing furnaces you’re looking at: We are an excellent partner for sale and purchase of used foundry machines and we are proud to have more than 30 years of experience.

Our specialists will be happy to help you, searching for the right machine and preparing an interesting offer for sale or purchase of the right dosing furnace for your machinery.