Cold chamber die casting machines are preferred systems for processing light metals with high melting points to serial-casting-parts. They are very popular in the production of aluminium parts. A consistently high precision can be guaranteed even in large series with materials with thin wall thicknesses. Particularly complex structure and structural parts, like automotive engine blocks or door elements, are also producible with the cold-chamber-die-casting-process. Other metals that are processed using cold chamber die casting machines are magnesium and brass alloys.

Efficiency through automation and integration to casting cells

High quantities and short cycle times develop their greatest efficiency in automation as widely as possible. Belonging to the cold chamber die casting machines peripheral advices are therefore available in both manual and automated form. Thus, dosing furnaces, spraying machines, removal robots and trimming presses can be installed to automatically operating casting cells.

Distributed manufacturing-process

The special feature of the cold chamber manufacturing process is that the melting- and holding-process is separated from the manufacturing production process. In cold chamber die casting process, the liquid metal is supplied by a dosing furnace or a metal loader to the casting plant. The casting plant itself consists of pressing chamber and piston with piston rod which passes the liquid metal in the two-part, separable form. The so-called die casting mould is held together by the machine with a closing force of up to 45.000 kN. After the metal has solidified the mould halves are separated from each other. Due to the high weight and temperature of the cast parts, a foundry robot is usually used for the removal, which then precisely transports the casting part to the trimming press.

When filling the die casting mould, the air therein must be able to escape. Therefore so-called vent- and overflow-beans are incorporated into the mould. During the filling, those beans also get filled with liquid metal. In order to separate the beans from the product, trimming presses are used. After deburring, further processing steps may follow.

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