Is a used die-casting machine moving, is a new machine being delivered to your company or is the entire production to be relocated? Then the individual components of the foundry plants and casting machines at the future location must be put into production readiness after reconstruction and then commissioned.

The process from delivery to the successful operation of the machine includes numerous important points which our experts know exactly how to manage and control in detail. Even though each commissioning process involves different circumstances, we have developed a proven structure that ensures a smooth and rapid process.

We also pay attention to the necessary requirements of relevant EC directives, the EU declaration of conformity and CE marking. To provide you with proof of compliance with all legal and safety-relevant requirements for commissioning, we prepare an acceptance protocol that documents for you and us that all necessary steps have been reliably carried out.

We are also happy to be at your disposal after the end of the project with our services such as repair, maintenance, modernization or our die casting machine consulting. On request, we can also train your employees in operation and maintenance after commissioning. For special topics we always have the right expert at hand through our large partner network.

Safety aspects during commissioning

According to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung), various regulations apply when machines are commissioned in a factory. We plan the individual steps from installation to commissioning with you in advance and jointly define the necessary safety measures and responsibilities. This includes questions such as:

  • What protective measures are necessary during commissioning?
  • Which employees are present and who is responsible for what?
  • Which employees have which special competences?
  • Who is allowed to be in the direct vicinity during commissioning?