Aluminium has a variety of uses and is one of the most important industrial raw materials. Its production is very resource-intensive and demand is constantly increasing. For this reason, aluminium recycling in the recycling furnace is more important than ever. Aluminium alloys of any kind, if collected and sorted according to type, can be recycled in excellent quality with a used recycling furnace for aluminium.

We sell and source used furnaces for remelting and recycling of ingots, scrap, chips and aluminium alloy return materials. Our range includes used rotary drum furnaces, chip melting furnaces, induction furnaces, crucible furnaces and tilting melting furnaces including accessories such as charging systems, transport systems for liquid metal and ingot casting belts as well as ingot feeding equipment.

Tilting rotary drum furnaces - key technology in aluminium recycling

A tilting rotary drum furnace is the heart of a modern aluminium recycling plant and is used to melt small, lumpy and contaminated aluminium scrap. Its advantages lie in the increased production and the particular economic efficiency of the entire plant. This is achieved by a short overall charging time and the significantly reduced addition of salt. The rotary drum furnace for aluminium recycling achieves the highest yield with particularly low energy consumption. Thermal efficiencies of up to 70 % can be achieved here. This furnace category is excellently suited for the use of recycling materials with a high oxide content, such as dross, UBC and chips.

The special features of tilt rotary drum furnaces are obvious. They have a solid and compact design, the drum geometry and the angle of inclination are ideally matched and they have an infinitely variable speed via the kiln control. To reliably ensure optimum flue gas disposal, the kiln doors and flue gas duct follow every possible kiln inclination angle. The capacity for liquid aluminium is 8-20 t. In addition, depending on the manufacturer, the recycling furnaces for aluminium have various special features such as load cells or temperature monitoring that speak in favour of their use.

Induction furnaces in aluminium recycling and their advantages

The growing use of induction furnaces in the casting industry is due to the numerous technical and economic advantages that these furnaces bring. These include the immediate, precisely adjustable heating of the melting material for exact temperature and process control, the targeted and controllable movement of the melt, the neutral furnace atmosphere and low environmental and workplace pollution. The high energy efficiency also makes induction furnaces so interesting in aluminium recycling. The function is based on a basic physical principle. An electromagnetic field is generated by alternating current, which induces eddy currents in the added aluminium. These eddy currents ultimately cause the recycled material to melt. Two basic types are used in the casting industry and in aluminium recycling: the crucible induction furnace and the ring induction furnace.

Fiss-Machines - The specialists for used recycling furnaces

Whether you are interested in a rotary drum furnace or are looking for an induction furnace - Fiss-Machines has been dealing in used recycling furnaces for aluminium for over 30 years and is the specialist for the foundry industry. We are known for the excellent quality of the furnaces we offer and offer a wide range of services around the purchase and sale of used machinery for the casting industry. We are the ideal partner for large and small companies.

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