Agrati is an Italian manufacturer of cold chamber die casting machines and hot chamber die casting machines, especially for magnesium-die-casting. The manufacturer, who is settled in Zingonia, is a genuine alternative to the other suppliers in the die-casting-technology and offers three product-lines. With the systems CF, CMg and HC, the whole range of cold chamber and hot chamber die casting can be covered. The produced cold chamber die casting machines with the name "CF" are designed for the processing of aluminium, brass and magnesium-alloys. Agrati offers ten different models in the CF-series. The smallest cold chamber die casting machine is labelled CF 190. It provides a clamping-force of 1,962 kN. With external dimensions of 5.55x1.7x2.53 meters it is sufficiently compact to form a production-centre-island. The other machine-sizes are CF 280, 400, 500, 750, 900, 1200 and 1850. The numbering always refers to the clamping-force. The dimensions and plate-sizes of the machines are always proportionally increasing.

The most powerful top-models in this cold chamber series are the CF 1850 A and B. They differ in the casting-force and the cast-product-mass. The CF 1850 A for example provides a casting-force of 922.8 kN with a piece-weighing of max. 21.6 kg (based on the material aluminium). The CF 1850 B provides a maximum clamping-force of 1,255 kN and can produce castings up to 30 kilograms.

Die casting machines for the hot-chamber-magnesium-cast

The cold chamber machines can be used for magnesium-die-cast as well, but Agrati offers customers, who want to work permanently with this material, interesting solutions. The "CMg"-machines are specially designed for the processing of magnesium. The main difference between the CF- and the CMg-series is that the CMg-machines are hot chamber die casting machines. They are available in four different sizes. The CMg 130 provides a clamping-force of 1,324 kN. With the dimensions 5x1.70x2.80 meters, it is sized particularly compact. Interestingly, the more than twice as strong CMg 350 with more than 3,600 kN clamping-force is just about 20% larger than the CMg 130 with 6x2x3 meters, but it can produce much larger and more complex products.

The other two sizes are the CMg 180 with 1,962 kN clamping-force and the CMg 250 with almost 3,000 kN clamping-force.

Agrati – the specialist for fast production of zinc products

The hot chamber die casting machines from Agrati have the designation "HC". They are designed for the manufacture of die-casting-products of zinc and lead-alloys. Agrati offers hot chamber die casting machines in seven different sizes: HC 30, 50, 80, 135, 190, 280 and 400. They differ in the clamping-force and dimensions. The spectrum ranges from a clamping-force of 343 kN and a footprint of 3.8x1.5 meters up to a clamping-force of 3,630 kN and a footprint of 6.20x2.50 meters. Here, a coating-weight of max. 7.1 kg per manufactured product is achieved.

Agrati-die-casting-machines can be combined with all commercially available peripherals. Spraying machines, weight sensing devices and conveyor belts are easily integrated into a production-network with an Agrati machine.

Fiss – your experienced partner for used die casting machines

We, at Fiss, have gained experience with machines from Agrati for many years and therefore know exactly the typical wear points and weak points. This enables us to create precise expertise on the value and maintenance of a used Agrati machine. Disassembly, transportation and reconstruction are guaranteed by us in an outstanding quality of service. The integration of a cold chamber or hot chamber die casting machine in an existing production network is a task that we are happy to take over for you! Just contact us, we are happy to help you!