This Italian manufacturer is a specialist for cold-chamber die casting machines who offers the right machine for every task. Colosio die casting machines are very interesting due to their modular expandability with all automation-facilities. Under their direction spraying machines and metal loaders are built. To remove hot castings, the die casting machines can be offered in each size for example with a matched to the die-cast-part foundry robot. With precise control, which exactly clocks the removal of the hot castings with the production-process, maximum production-figures are reached. The deposition of the casting can also be accurately controlled: From the drop of uncritical parts in free-fall-containers to pinpoint deposit in trimming presses any kind of casting-guide is available for the customer.

Twelve models for any casting-size

Colosio offers twelve different models, which differ in size and clamping-force. The smallest model is the PFO 140, which already holds a sufficient clamping-force for small components with 140 tons and 1,373 kN. The shape is limited at the slightest machine to a height of 100-400 mm and a plate-surface of 625x625 mm. For this, the machine is sufficiently compact with a footprint of 1,710x5,835 mm to be used in confined spaces. Also the overall-height of 2,750 mm is not critical for an industrial operation.

At the other end of the Colosio offer there is the PFO 2200. This machine has a clamping-force of 21,730 kN. The dimensions of the moulds are designed generously to 550-1,600 mm at a plate-surface of 2,250x2,250 mm. 1600 kN press-force provide sufficient pressure to fill even particularly large cavities as soon as possible.

Between PFO 140 and PFO 2200 ten more machines are offered, which are built at intervals of 50-400 tons clamping-force to each other.

We offer the following machines of this manufacturer: PFO 140, PFO200, PFO 250, PFO 320, PFO 400, PFO 560, PFO 750, PFO 1000, PFO 1200, PFO 1600, PFO 1850, PFO 2200

Breakthrough in energy-efficiency

Colosio has recently caused a stir with its innovative "Green Line"-series. The need for elaborate cooling-systems and high pressure-forces make die casting machines real power guzzlers. But with the "Green Line" Colosio promises a reduction in energy-costs of up to 44%. This is made possible by modern electric motors, pump-innovations and a general, designed for maximum energy-efficiency construction.

We know Colosio

We, at Fiss, monitor the developments of the manufacturers closely and keep an eye on further developments in the market. The innovative "Green Line" machines of Colosio are therefore well known to us. We offer in addition to assessment, purchase and sale, repair and transfer of your selected machine, a professional full-service package. This applies not only for the cold-chamber and hot-chamber die casting machines of this manufacturer but also for the peripherals. Based on more 30 years of experience we offer excellent know-how and a particularly large expertise in the field of used die casting machines and related accessories.