The company Frech is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of die casting machines for many years. In addition to many standard solutions, it is especially the possibility of making individualized systems that makes the company that successful. Each machine can be tailored to customer's requirements.

The hot chamber die casting machines by Frech are particularly sophisticated and popular. With automation-facilities their die casting machines are able to operate as fully automatic casting-cells and thus ensure high production efficiency.

Hot chamber die casting machines

A total of twelve different models are available for the processing of zinc-alloys. From the DAW 5 F to DAW 500 F there are various sizes ready to serve specific customer's needs. The number implies the clamping-force of the machine. Thus customers can choose between machines with five to five-hundred tons clamping-force.

The DAW-F series is characterized by high efficiency and reliability. The inserting-unit was newly developed for this model-series. As a result, cycle-rates and the casting quality have been increased. The DAW-F series leaves no desires unfulfilled with an innovative closing-hydraulic, the generally very stable construction and the maintenance-friendly machine enclosure.

The operation of this hot chamber die casting machine is very easy thanks to the integrated data-dialog-control.

We offer models, among others: DAW 20 F, DAW 50 F, DAW 80 F, DAW 125 F, DAW 200 F, DAW 315 F, DAW 500 F

Magnesium hot chamber die casting machines

A magnesium hot chamber die casting machine is specially designed for processing this light-metal. The DAM-F-type includes six different series to choose from.

The aim of the development of these magnesium hot chamber die casting machines was not only the increase of efficiency and economy. The improved environmental compatibility was in the focus in the further development of this series. High cycle-rates ensure best economy in the magnesium hot chamber die casting machines of the series DAM-F. Integrated control-circuits, which can be preset with few parameters, ensure a consistent quality.

In this series we offer these following models: DAM 80 F, DAM 125 F, DAM 200 F, DAM 315 F, DAM 500 F, DAM 800 F

Cold chamber die casting machine

In addition to the various model-series of hot chamber die casting machines the manufacturer produces cold chamber die casting machines very successfully as well. From the ultra-compact DAK 250 to the huge GDK 5000 system, filigree to very large products can be produced in the cold chamber process. In this range the matching cold chamber die casting machine for the production of simple electrical components to complex engine-blocks can be found very easily. Furthermore do the compact and powerful DualCast-system and the vacuum assisted Vacural-technology constantly increase the production-quality and efficiency of the cold chamber die casting machine. Especially with the establishment of the Vacural-technology, gas-inclusions in the melt were significantly reduced, which increases the quality of the products significantly.

We offer the following machines of the DAK-series: DAK 250, DAK 350, DAK 450, DAK 580, DAK 720, DAK 880 and the machines of the GDK-series: GDK 2000, GDK 2500, GDK 2800, GDK 3500, GDK 4100, GDK 5000

Buy used Frech die casting machines with the specialist

The extensive range of models, the outstanding performances and the consistent quality of the products make Frech-machines very popular for the second-hand market. We, at Fiss, are equally enthusiastic about the machines of the manufacturer. Therefore, we are also pleased to be able to offer you a wide range of used machines for various manufacturing-processes and individual claims of this manufacturer. Comprehensive services distinguish us as well as our successful 30 years of experience within the die casting industry. We are your reliable partner for buying and selling used die casting machines, disassembly, logistics and reassembly including the briefing at the new location.