Idra is an Italian company with a great experience in the construction of die casting machines. Also peripheral devices belong to the manufacturer’s portfolio for many years. The company places great importance on the widest possible choice of different models. The Italian manufacturer offers hot chamber and cold chamber die casting machines with clamping-forces of up to 46.000 kN. Cold chamber die casting machines are offered by Idra with toggle-mechanism or hydraulic locking-system (toggle-free). This extensive range includes the appropriate die casting machine for almost any size and use-cases.

Hot chamber die casting machines – versatile

When designing a hot chamber die casting machine, the company relies on the traditional toggle-technology up to the present day. This, in the die casting industry widespread construction combines compact dimensions with high clamping-forces. With the model designation OL/Z Idra has placed great emphasis in the construction of the hot chamber die casting machines in the past. With the types OL/Z 20 to OL/Z 320 a huge range of different sizes are available.

The following models of the OL/Z series you can find with us: OL/Z 20, OL/Z 50, OL/Z 80, OL/Z 125, OL/Z 220, OL/Z 320

With Idra OL/Z-machines small-scale precision products can be efficiently produced as well as large-sized products. The OL/Z-machines are generally designed with a closing-part-system, which is built on three plates. This proven in precision cast locking system is applied in all Idra toggle machines.

With the model designation OL/Mg Idra offers magnesium hot chamber die casting machines in the types OL/Mg 125 to OL/Mg 700. Thus, the company covers an interesting spectrum for different sizes of products for the demanding light metal. Typical magnesium die casting products are components for power tools, gardening and forestry equipment, which are produced on standard machines in the middle range of forces. But also extremely filigree and light products such as smartphone- and laptop-cases are manufactured by this method. The high clamping forces and well sized injection pressures for the melt guarantee best results especially in precision die cast of magnesium.

These models of the series you can find with us: OL/Mg 125, OL/Mg 220, OL/Mg 320, OL/Mg 560, OL/Mg 700

Cold chamber die casting machines – with and without toggle technology

The cold chamber die casting machines are offered with and without toggle-mechanism.

Toggle cold chamber die casting machines are available with the designation OL/S in 16 different sizes. So no wishes about the request to the appropriate cold chamber die casting machine remain open. As the hot chamber die casting machines, even the cold chamber die casting machine with toggle is designed as standard with a built on three plates closing part system.

These models of the OL/S series you can inquire with us: OL 200 S, OL 300 S, OL 320 S, OL 420 S, OL 560 S, OL 700 S, OL 900 S, OL 1100 S, OL 1300 S, OL 1600 S, OL 1900 S, OL 2200 S, OL 2700 S, OL 3200 S, OL 3700 S, OL 4200 S

Cold chamber die casting machines without a toggle mechanism mean much lower wear, decreased energy consumption and the closing hydraulic system allows a compact and space-saving construction. Machines of this type are equipped with two plates – a fixed and a moving clamping plate. The toggle-free cold chamber die casting machine is offered with the designation OL/R in 8 different sizes.

All Idra die casting machines impress with their versatility and very high efficiency. Especially the standard configuration with three plates in cold chamber die casting machines makes them very popular for tasks with high volumes and short cycle rates. Therefore, the manufacturer's die casting machines are very much in demand especially in the secondary market as used machines.

Fiss-Machines provides tailored offers and an full-service

The inspection, disassembly and reconstruction of used die casting machines is in good hands with us. You are looking for a specific system of Idra or another manufacturer? No problem: Just send us a request and we will contact you as soon as possible. Our worldwide network of partners helps us find your matching used die casting machine.