We are your specialists in buying and selling used die casting machines. Even with the automation-facilities around those systems, like spraying machines, foundry robots, metal loader units and trimming presses we offer an excellent expertise.

The durability of each component is significant particularly on machines that are used in the rough-casting-operation for pressure-casting of metals under thermal and mechanical endurance. The excellent products from Italpresse show that quality does not always have to mean "Made in Germany".

The company offers a comprehensive range of models for all applications concerning the effective pressure-casting of medium- to large-sized products from castable metals such as zinc, aluminium and magnesium. Whether as a hot chamber-, cold chamber- or magnesium hot chamber die casting machine: systems by Italpresse are often sought after even in a used condition due to the robust processing.

Hot chamber die casting machines

Hot chamber die casting machines are operated by Italpresse with a mechanical locking-mechanism as standard. The traditional and highly-effective toggle-mechanism has been proven over decades. Closing-forces of up to 750 tons are possible. Models with the designation IP are available as hot chamber- and magnesium hot chamber die casting machines. They are particularly suitable for the production of complex components for the automotive- and electronics-industries. Furniture and construction-fittings are typical products which are manufactured by an Italpresse hot chamber die casting machine.

A hot chamber die casting machine is also available as a used machine on the market in the series IPZ 30, IPZ 60, IPZ 90, IPZ 130, IPZ 200, IPZ 300, IPZ 400, IPZ 550 or IPZ 750.

The number after the name IPZ means the closing-force of the die casting machine in tons. IPZ 30 machines are designed with a corresponding clamping-force of 30 tons for small tools. To quickly inject a large amount of liquid metal into a cavity, high clamping-forces are accordingly required. With the IPZ 750 large components can be made with a corresponding clamping-force of almost 800 tons. Magnesium hot chamber die casting machines can be purchased in the series IP Mg 200, IP Mg 300, IP Mg 400, IP Mg 550 and IP Mg 750. The performance of the IP Mg machines is comparable with the performance of the IPZ machines.

Toggle cold chamber die casting machines

An Italpresse cold chamber die casting machine is available with or without toggle-joint-mechanism. The toggle cold chamber die casting machine combines high clamping-forces with short cycle-times and is available in sizes from IP 200 to IP 4500. They are very popular due to their high quality in terms of manufacturing dimensions, stability and efficiency.

We offer: IP 200 SC, IP 300 SC, IP 400 SC, IP 550 SC, IP 750 SC, IP 900 SC, IP 1100 SC, IP 1350 SC, IP 1650 SC, IP 1850 SC, IP 2150 SC, IP 2500 SC, IP 3000 SC, IP 3500 SC, IP 4000 SC, IP 4500 SC

Toggle-free cold chamber die casting machines

Since 2005 Italpresse also offers a toggle-free cold chamber die casting machine in various series. The advantage of a toggle-free design is mainly in the reduced number of moving parts. Less wear and thus to lower maintenance costs are the direct benefits of this innovative and completely-hydraulically operated technology. These machines are offered with the designation TF for "Toggle Free". The series TF 800 SC to TF 4700 are equipped with two plates by Italpresse as standard.

We offer: TF 800 SC, TF 1000 SC, TF 1250 SC, TF 1500 SC, TF 2000 SC, TF 2300 SC, TF 2700 SC, TF 3300 SC, TF 3700 TC, TF 4100 SC, TF 4700

Buying used systems from the specialist with years of experience

The assessment, dismantling and reconstruction of various casting machines are our specialties. On-site we evaluate your machine and make you an individual offer. As a buyer of used machines we offer you a comprehensive full-service. From the dismantling and a partial or complete overhaul, up to the re-installation and briefing at the new location, we provide you comprehensive and professional services from a single source. Trust in Fiss and more than 30 years of experience and established competence.