The LPM Group is an association of currently nine companies that specialise in the development and construction of machines and plants for low-pressure die casting and gravity die casting of aluminium and magnesium alloys. Founded in 1998, the LPM Group has its headquarters and production facilities in Padua/Italy. The company has an impressive and consistent growth record in the production of machinery and equipment for low pressure die casting and gravity die casting. The presence is being continuously expanded worldwide with the aim of opening up further markets.

The extensive know-how in the development, research and improvement of innovative solutions for peripheral process automation is now used in the manufacture of many low-pressure and gravity die-cast components such as light alloy wheels, steering knuckles, suspensions, cylinder heads and others.

Whether low-pressure casting machines or gravity die casting machines: Systems and machines from the LPM Group are also highly sought after as used machines in the die casting industry.

Low pressure casting machines and gravity die casting machines from LPM

Low-pressure casting machines and gravity die casting machines from LPM can be individually adapted to the requirements of even the most demanding customers, so that even the highest quality standards are met without compromise.

LMP's machines for the casting industry are state of the art and provide innovative solutions for the automotive industry for the production of a range of important components such as alloy wheels, cylinder heads, control arms and wheel hubs.

In addition to the automotive industry, the machines also find perfect application in the manufacture of other products such as explosion-proof housings and industrial fittings.

LPM products include:

  • Low pressure casting machines for aluminium and magnesium alloys
  • Gravity casting machines/chill casting machines
  • Peripheral process automation
  • Casting machines for aluminium wheel production
  • Deburring machines for light alloy wheels
  • De-pinching and drilling machines for light alloy wheels and other components
  • Ladles and holding furnaces
  • Series machines and furnaces: I° series (BP3, BPD, BPT), II° series (BPB, BPC), III° series (BPS, BPS-8, BPS-C), IV° series, special furnace V° series (BPS-8/TC, BPM 1500 TC, BPS 1500 TC).

The LPM Group is a merger of these companies:

    • LPM Italien
    • LPM North America
    • Unimolds
    • GFS Gravity
    • CO.RAM
    • FATA ALUMINUM Mexico
  • Buy used low pressure casting machines and gravity die casting machines from LPM from the experts

    In the 30 years of our company's existence, we have gained extensive experience with LPM machines and systems. Our expert knowledge enables us to make precise statements about the value of a used machine from LPM and to advise you comprehensively. We are happy to offer you further services such as dismantling, transport and commissioning of your used machine. We are also happy to overhaul low-pressure casting machines and gravity die casting machines for you! Just contact us, we are there for you!