For more than 80 years, the Rösler Group has been active in surface finishing by means of vibratory finishing and shot blasting technology. Well-known companies in various industrial sectors all over the world trust in the machines, products and services of the Bavarian company. With 15 subsidiaries and over 150 commercial agencies, the Rösler Group has an extensive network spread around the globe.

In foundry technology, the desanding and descaling of workpieces places the highest demands on surface finishing. Rösler's extensive range of shot blast and vibratory finishing machines for the foundry industry has the optimum machine for every requirement. Whether steel and iron casting, aluminium, zinc and magnesium die casting or plastic injection moulding - the choice of the right machine depends on the production method, production flow and the type, number and size of the parts.

Whether vibratory finishing machines or shot blast machines: Rösler systems are also highly sought after as used machines in the casting industry.

Vibratory finishing with Rösler: for perfect surfaces

Workpieces with surface defects, mould seams, cast surfaces, grinding grooves or roughness from other manufacturing processes require uniform, finely structured surfaces for further use or finishing. Rösler's modern vibratory finishing processes create the optimum basis for further surface coatings and electroplating, even with complex workpiece geometries.

The application is almost unlimited on metals, plastics, rubber, wood and ceramics. As the market and technology leader in the field of vibratory finishing, Rösler has an enormous portfolio of the most diverse vibratory finishing machines. In addition, the company offers the world's largest product range of processing aids. Plastic-bonded abrasives, ceramic abrasives and 60 different grinding pastes are manufactured in the company's own production facilities.

In the field of vibratory finishing machines, Rösler offers the following equipment:

  • EC series: EC circular vibrators are the multifunctional all-rounders among the systems.
  • Euro series: The Euro series of circular vibrators has the ideal system technology for automated, interlinked work processes.
  • A series: The A machine series is a special performance class together with the powerful MS/E-V magnetic separators.
  • R series: Round vibrators with flat container bottoms are preferably able to process bulky, large-volume, but also sensitive workpieces.
  • Long Radius: Long Radius machines are special vibratory finishing machines for delicate processing tasks, both in batch and continuous mode.
  • Shot blasting technology from Rösler for the casting industry

    Functionality and aesthetics of surfaces are not only an essential quality feature of technical products - ultimately they are also decisive for market success. Perfect surface finishing of your own products is essential. Blasting systems from Rösler surface technology offer almost unlimited possibilities for processing: deburring, descaling, desanding, derusting, roughening, matting, smoothing, edge rounding and shot peening.

    Current shot blast machines from Rösler are for example: troughed belt shot blast machine RMBC, multi-tumbler shot blast machine RMT, troughed belt continuous shot blast machine RMBD, loop belt shot blast machine SBM, overhead conveyor shot blast machine RHBE, wire belt shot blast machine RDGE, turntable shot blast machine RDT, turning chamber shot blast machine RWK and others.

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