Fiss-Machines specialises in buying and selling used machines for the casting industry. For more than 30 years, we have been selling used machines from renowned manufacturers for all applications related to die casting from metals such as zinc, aluminium and magnesium.

StrikoWestofen is a world-renowned manufacturer of melting technology for the light metal casting industry and stands for energy-efficient solutions for die casting, gravity casting, sand casting, low-pressure casting and continuous casting. For more than 60 years on the market - StrikoWestofen knows exactly the needs and production processes of its customers and produces high-performance systems that fit optimally into the production processes.

Whether melting furnaces, dosing furnaces, crucible furnaces, holding furnaces or other furnaces: Systems from StrikoWestofen are also much sought-after as used machines in the die-casting industry.

Melting furnaces for aluminium StrikoWestofen

StrikoWestofen offers various melting furnaces for aluminium. The range includes shaft melting furnaces, ramp melting furnaces, chip melting furnaces, melting and treatment furnaces and holding furnaces.

All StrikoMelters have a great performance spectrum and the current models continue to set new standards in the casting industry. With almost complete metal yield, StrikoWestofen melting furnaces are at the same time highly energy-efficient and delight with unparalleled longevity. The final metal quality meets the highest quality requirements. Used StrikoWestofen melting furnaces impress with their properties as melting and holding furnaces and offer foundries the highest economic production conditions even as used machines.

Crucible furnaces for aluminium from StrikoWestofen

Used crucible furnaces for aluminium from StrikoWestofen are very popular because of their excellent properties. The technology ensures uniform heating and thus avoids hotspots on the crucible, which results in a significantly longer service life. Due to the premixing of gas and air and the resulting near-stoichiometric combustion, owners of a used crucible furnace from StrikoWestofen can also benefit from energy savings of up to 20 %. Furthermore, erosion is prevented by an increased flow velocity. This makes insulation with lower density possible. The burner is infinitely variable. The aluminium crucible furnaces are used in die casting, structural casting as well as sand and gravity casting. The capacity ranges from 150 - 2000 kg and the melting rate from 100 - 400 kg/h.

Dosing furnaces for aluminium from StrikoWestofen

StrikoWestofen dosing furnaces have a clean, closed holding and dosing system for liquid aluminium. The metal is always taken from below the bath surface, is free of impurities and can be fed directly to the casting machine or mould automatically. StrikoWestofen's popular dosing furnaces continue to set new standards in the casting industry. They are significantly more economical in terms of metal loss and energy consumption and always deliver high-quality melt without temperature losses. In short: Dosing furnaces from Striko Westofen offer everything a light metal foundry needs for dynamic, efficient production and a happy team.

Buy used equipment from StrikoWestofen from the specialists

No matter which of our used machines from StrikoWestofen is right for you: We are the perfect partner for buying and selling used machines for the casting industry and proudly look back on our extensive experience of more than 30 years. Our customer service has a lot to offer! Whether consulting, dismantling, commissioning, leasing or liquidation - we offer sellers and buyers of used machines a comprehensive all-round service that accomplishes many things.