Walther Trowal was founded in 1931 and is known as an international specialist in the field of surface technology. Whether surface finishing, vibratory finishing processes, small part coating, blasting technology, process water technology, automation and interlinking or workpiece cleaning and workpiece drying, the company is active. The company, based in Germany, is active worldwide. In addition to the development and production of high-quality machines and systems for a wide range of industries, Walther Trowal also offers modular and individual system solutions that are tailored to the needs of its customers. By automating and interlinking systems, optimal adaptation to the respective processes is possible.

Whether vibratory finishing machines or shot blasting systems: systems from Walther Trowal are also highly sought after as used machines in the casting industry.

Vibratory finishing technology from Walter Trowal: copied from nature

Everybody knows vibratory finishing (barrel finishing) from nature. Sand and water continuously grind coarse rocks until they become smooth, rounded pebbles. The principle also works wonderfully in modern production technology: with the optimal combination of machine, abrasive, compound and water, the machines grind down almost any surface as desired. Vibratory finishing machines from Walther Trowal are used for smoothing surfaces, removing tinsel burrs and rounding edges.

Whether linear AV systems, THM blasting systems or modified throughfeed rotary vibrators - throughfeed systems are usually integrated into coherent production processes. They enable effective yet gentle processing of the workpieces, coordinated with the production processes. Vibratory grinding, deburring, polishing, descaling, cleaning, smoothing or rounding the edges - everything can be done by machine.

In the field of vibratory finishing machines, Walther Trowal has the following equipment on offer:

Circular vibrators:

  • CB circular vibrators
  • CD-Round vibrators
  • CM circular vibrators
  • MV multivibrators
  • CF-Round vibrators
  • AM Multivibrators

Centrifugal machines

  • Centrifugal force unit TT...A/2C
  • Centrifugal force unit TT...B
  • Centrifugal unit TT...SM

Continuous flow systems

  • AV plant

Trough vibrators

  • TFM vibrators
  • TMV vibrators

Blasting technology from Walther Trowal for optimum processing

Walther Trowal's shot blast machines are based on more than 85 years of experience in surface technology. The THM troughed belt continuous shot blast machines are especially suitable for the high throughput in the foundry industry. In them, the workpieces are continuously and gently transported through the system, constantly circulated and intensively blasted.

Conventional batch systems and overhead conveyor systems are often replaced by Walther Trowal's troughed belt continuous shot blast machines. The reason: They convince with easy workpiece handling and deliver a homogeneous blasting result. Blast wheels direct the abrasive at high speed onto the workpieces. The high blasting performance also ensures optimum energy utilisation and offers further advantages over batch operation:

  • Continuous workpiece loading
  • Easy to integrate into production processes
  • Facilitated parts flow

Used vibratory finishing machines and shot blast machines at Fiss-Machines

We have more than 30 years of competence with used vibratory finishing machines and used shot blast machines from Walther Trowal. We are happy to advise you and offer you further services such as dismantling, transport and commissioning. Just contact us, we are there for you!