As a medium-sized family business, Wollin offers innovative and reliable products in the field of spray technology for die-casting foundries as well as automation technology and special machines. Since its foundation by Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Wollin in 1973, the company has stood for optimal solutions in the field of die casting of light metal parts.

For over 35 years, Wollin has been a leader in the development of spraying solutions such as mould spraying tools, mould spraying machines and flexible spraying robot systems. A selection of proven controls as well as corresponding peripherals are also part of the range.

Whether spraying machine, spraying system or metal dosing unit: systems from Wollin are also highly sought-after as used machines in the die casting industry.

Spraying machines: The heart of the Wollin company

ESM spraying machines

The newly developed spraying machine ESM (Efficient Spray Machine) offers, together with the also new machine control PC3, the complete Industry 4.0 integration. The ESM series is the future-oriented further development of the previous PSM spraying machines. These linear spray machines are currently in the range: ESM 2, ESM 3, ESMT3, ESM 4, ESMT 4.

PSM spraying machines:

The 1-axis PSM spraying machines for die casting machines with 80 - 750t clamping force are the ideal partner for simple applications with the best price-performance ratio. The spraying machines offer short set-up times, short processes through the use of the WOLLIN mask spraying tool as well as great flexibility with regard to additional extensions. Current types: PSM1F MST Vertical 800, PSM1F MST Vertical 1000, PSM2F MST Vertical 800, PSM2F MST Vertical 1000, PSM2F MST Vertical 1,300.

The 2-axis PSM spraying machines for die-casting machines with 80 - 5500t clamping force feature technology that has been tried and tested over many years and is specially designed and built for the rough applications in die-casting. The PSM 1 - PSM 4F from WOLLIN guarantee a consistent, reproducible and controlled process. The 2-axis machine series covers a large part of the application on die casting machines and thus proves true all-rounder properties.

Ecological awareness and highest quality - belong together at Wollin

The further development of resource-saving technologies is also an overriding issue in the die-casting industry. As a market and technology leader, Wollin is a pioneer in the reduction of energy and release agent consumption in foundries. With the development of the patented Eco+ and EcoSpray micro-spray technology, Wollin is therefore absolutely in line with the trend. Ecological management pays off twice over. The innovative Eco+ spray systems bring the customer considerable savings in energy costs, release agent and water consumption, as well as an economic advantage through the demonstrable quality improvements achieved.

Buy used spraying machines, spraying systems and metal dosing equipment from the specialists

We have over 30 years of expertise with used spraying machines from Wollin. Due to the technology, reliability and efficiency, even with older models, they are a popular purchase. We will be happy to advise you and offer you further services such as dismantling, transport and commissioning. Just contact us, we are there for you!