Here you will find used temperature control units for mould temperature control on die casting machines from well-known manufacturers such as Regloplas, Tool Temp, Robamat, Single and Thermobiehl.

Mould temperature control by means of a temperature control unit serves to heat up and maintain the operating temperature of the mould. The process makes it possible to ensure a consistently high quality of the die-cast parts, optimise the cycle time and extend the service life of the die-casting mould.
The temperature of the mould is of crucial importance for the heat dissipation from the melt as well as for the mould filling and solidification of the die-cast part. One of the primary sources of error in die casting is simply incorrect mould temperature control. Used temperature control units are the perfect solution here, because they keep the mould constantly at the desired temperature through controlled heating and cooling.

What types of temperature control units are there for mould temperature control?

Temperature control units are differentiated according to what they are operated with. There are temperature control units that run with water or with heat transfer oil. The units for water operation usually have a maximum flow temperature of 90 °C or 180 °C if the unit is a pressurised water unit. In the case of oil units, it can get considerably hotter with a maximum flow temperature of up to 350 °C.

Further differentiation criteria for used temperature control units are:

  • Temperature control units with bath heating
  • Temperature control units with forced circulation system: oil temperature control unit, pressurised water unit
  • Temperature control units with direct or indirect cooling
  • Single-circuit or multi-circuit units

Why are temperature control units helpful for economical production?

Temperature control units on die-casting machines offer numerous advantages and make the entire production process much more economical.

Quality is improved

Temperature control units improve the quality of the castings. Thanks to the constant and optimal temperature, there is a high dimensional accuracy, reduced shrinkage cracks and a clean surface of the castings. Used temperature control units contribute significantly to lower scrap rates, less maintenance and lower repair costs.

Mould service lives are increased

Cracks due to overheating are avoided and the uniform heat distribution generally ensures considerably longer mould service lives. Maintenance intervals are extended, so that maintenance costs and downtimes are also significantly reduced.

Production costs are reduced

Shorter heating times and lower release agent consumption also reduce costs. Calcification and corrosion of the tempering channels are completely avoided when using heat transfer oil.

Optimum productivity

Thanks to shorter preparation times, production can start quickly or continue steadily after interruptions, as the mould is still kept warm. The automatic temperature control can also be used for fully automatic operation.

Used temperature control units for mould temperature control and our expert knowledge bring you real benefits.

The used temperature control units for mould temperature control are offered in "as is" condition. Based on this and in accordance with your budget, we will be happy to work out an individual proposal for an overhaul or modernisation.

No suitable temperature control unit for your die casting machine? Thanks to our contacts in the foundry industry, we can help you quickly or offer you brand-new temperature control units.